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Destination | Blackbird/The Field House, Seattle, WA

3 for 3.  3rd day of tour was spent in Seattle and we were greeted by near perfect weather.  Once again, I hopped on my moped and made my rounds.  I’ve been meaning to stop by Blackbird for a while now and I finally actually made my way over.  The shop was pretty cool, but stocked some higher fashion brands that aren’t really my cup of tea.  It was neat to be able to see a lot of the pieces in person though.

More up my alley was Blackbirds sister shop, The Field House, which is literally right around the corner.  I love the concept of The Field House and have always been jealous that I don’t live in the area for their in-house workshops/classes on various life skills (knife sharpening, gardening, whiskey appreciation, etc).  The shop was great, and has a local general store vibe/selection of goods with only the finest hand-picked goods stocked (with of course a great selection of footwear/clothing).  I picked up a couple bars of insanely good smelling handmade soap (“Woods of Washington” and Lemongrass) and a can of Filson garment wax.  I also got a quick lesson on axes and wood splitters (both of which they stocked) from the friendly and very knowledgeable fellow working there.  Truly my kind of shop.

On the food tip, a good friend took me to Paseo and again, the line was out the door but the food was well worth the wait.  I got the recommended favorite Cuban Roast sandwich.  It. Was. Tasty.

Random Seattle snaps: