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Prodigal Son

I tried consolidating this blog into my tumblr but alas, I didn’t like posting there.  So…back to where we were at:  This blog – article-centric.  Tumblr – everyday flavors and abbreviated posts.  Sorry wordpress, I’ve tasted the beyond but I have returned.


Hi everyone,

In an attempt to streamline my online presence (since I’m not very good at it in the first place), I’ve decided to consolidate my various blogs into a single one.  I’m basically going to be combining my image/inspiration gathering (Tumblr) and personal posts (this site).  Everything I would’ve posted here will now be posted at and can be filtered from the other image posts by clicking the articles link on the top of the page.  If you’re on Tumblr, you can also follow me as I’ve basically just renamed the previous newgrass Tumblr into the new Truman one.  If you are following via RSS, please redirect your readers accordingly.  Thanks for reading.  See you over at the new site.


Not Dead

Hi friends,

Apologies for neglecting this site.  Life has been busy.  In the meantime, check out my tumblr, which by nature gets updated a little more.

Prototypes | Macbook & iPad Folio Sleeve

I wanted something super simple and minimal that I could slip into a bag or backpack but would still look nice carried around on it’s own.

I opted for a button stud closure which I’m a big fan of.  It really simplifies the look while at the same time, giving a secure, quick, and easy closure.

The strap wraps around the back for a simple tuck and go system for smaller things like a phone, journal, magazine, etc.  The laptop sleeve worked out well enough for me to make the iPad sleeve for my father in law.