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The Chromeball Incident

My new favorite site.  This is just absolutely pasted with nostalgia for me.  I used to read my skate mags (I was primarily a Transworld guy) over and over again and apparently I’d burned a lot of those images into my head because I remember probably at least 90% of the pictures on the site.  I specifically remember freaking out over the last picture of Eric Koston’s boardslide because that was a rail (and the 2-gap-2) in Irvine that my friend’s and I used to skate all the time – The Souplantation Rail.  I actually uncovered my stash of old skate mags a while back (I kept every single one) and was thinking about scanning them all.  Looks like I don’t really need to now.  Gushing over this site.


Union, Right to Skate (1992)



One of the first skate videos I saw.  Kris Markovich, Eric Koston and a little bitty Andrew Reynolds.  Classic.

What an epic game of S.K.A.T.E.  Classic skateboarding pastime.  Even better watching the pros do it.  This and many other ridiculous games here.