These posts are pieces of my life.  I try to be a doer.  These are some of the things I do and some of the things I like.

I also make things like music and leather goods.

– Teppei

27 responses to “About

  1. WOW ~
    A friend pointed us to your blog ~ and we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your sharing of your feelings about our products.
    Thanks so much for your time to blog about so many cool things ~

  2. @janet, no problem! Keep doing what you’re doing. I hope to get my hands on a SE1 someday!

  3. I love your remarks on the subject of seeming “materialistic”. I find I also have trouble explaining my admiration for “things” to people who confuse this sort of appreciation with compulsive consumerism. Great looking blog!

  4. wonderful things here.
    thank you for them.

    your blog name(s) are from “Talk Talk”?


  5. a kind redux to Billy Reid: Bourbon, Branch and a splash of Southern Lore. Cheers.


  6. how can i holla out to ya with product info sir ?

  7. @Michael, yes sir. Laughing Stock is one of my all time favorites.

  8. Do you have an email? Am I missing it? Email me if you could be so kind.


  9. Hi,

    I have a question for you on behalf of become.com What’s your email?

    Kate Brown

  10. Nice site! Really enjoy your take on things. Especially like the Irving Penn tribute. A personal photo-hero.

  11. I wanna be your pal…and you can call me Allll

  12. Hello

    Wanted to share some CLOSE UP AND PRIVATE http://www.closeupandprivate.com new images spring summer collection 2010

    Based in Denmark and New York – CLOSE UP AND PRIVATE is an inspiration for menswear style.

    Best Sergei

  13. I admire your ability to place your quirky ideas into word format! You are amazing, thank you for sharing.

  14. i enjoy reading your blog quite a bit and am adding a link from mine!

  15. Do we get to hear your music?

  16. love it. all of it and YOU!

  17. Hey!
    Just wanted to thank you for mentioning the TOKYObay watches on your blog. I’m glad you like them. If you would like me to keep you posted on new launches we have coming up, do send me your email and I can keep you in the loop!

  18. I was just wondering what kind of camera you’re using to take those Catalina shots. They’re great.

  19. i’m so glad you’re back!

  20. Hey bro,

    I had been following this blog for several months without knowing it was, in fact, you who ran it. Then the tumblr was linked to on t.net, and I was like “WHAT? IT’S TEPPEI?” I had no idea. You have great taste!

    Keep on being inspired and inspiring others.

  21. I felt like i was reading about myself!
    The more i check and search you tumblr and this site.. the more you inspire me. ThanQ so much!
    God Bless!

  22. I have no idea if you’ll see this question, but I am about to buy some new jeans, and I love all that you post about your jeans…
    Anyway, I was thinking about APC’s. What has your experience been? or do you have any other suggestions. I want a good raw denim, but that doesn’t get too dumpy everywhere. Make sense? looking forward to your thoughts.

    • “Dumpy” really depends on your body and cut of the jean. APC’s New Standards are a good in between cut that’s a straight but not too slim and not too boxy and you can size according to how you want them to fit. I sized down 3 as I wanted a slimmer fit and it was brutal at first but they fit perfect now. Where do you live? The best bet is to find a store near you that carries good denim and try them on. Keep in mind that raw denim will stretch to your body (within reason). Hope this helps.

      • thanks for the help. I ended up buying the New Cure… I had to size down quite a bit, I think it was 3 sizes as well. The only thing I was not pumped on was the fact that it didn’t have the selvedge strip… I know thats lame but I like that stripe. Have you heard of Left Field denim? I almost bought those, but apparently they are really new and the guy selling them didn’t know howd they last.

  23. great blog with lots of inspiration, to quick i was trough, please keep on blogging!
    bye, alex

  24. Alright, I found your blog looking for NS washing tips, as a dad of 2 little girls I’ve also found having kids is the best device for cultivating good denim fades. Anyway great blog, I’ll keep visiting.

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