Blackberries spread like the plague here on Vashon and I never thought I’d say this, but they really are quite a nuisance.  They’ve got nasty thorns all over and they’ll sprout a foot overnight.  I’d been battling them all spring/summer but the berries finally started ripening about a month ago and they have officially earned their keep in my yard.  They’re really tasty.  They’re everywhere.

We’ve been harvesting them near daily and haven’t even come close to putting an inkling of a dent in them.  It takes me maybe 15-20 mins to come back with 2 lbs worth.

Plus they’re healthy — antioxidant packed, 100% organic (wild-grown so that’s a given), blah blah.  Back in Cali, we’d pay $3-$4 for a tiny little box of them, probably just several ounces worth.  So anyway, one thing we’ve been doing with them is jamming them.  It’s fairly easy.

 A quick rinse.

Mash ’em up.

Bring to a healthy simmer.

Add sugar/lemon and reduce.

Get stoked.

Blackberries for months.

7 responses to “Blackberries!

  1. love the last photo. payday.

  2. Awesome Teps, where’s that shirt from?

  3. Makes pies with them! My brother made some with blackberries when they were ripe here in Sweden. Nothing special just pie pastry and then add the berries and then in the oven for a while.

  4. I did the same with some strawberries a while ago. My mom taught me how.
    I just read ur words to oka-san on the booklet of Major/Minor. I was surprised to see nihongo on that, but I’m sure she loves to see ur words:)

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