Father’s Day

I did a little interview with PASTE.COM for a feature on father’s day and apparently I got edited out, but I answered the darned questions anyway so I figured I’d post it here for father’s day.  Head over and CHECK IT OUT though, my band mate Dustin is on there along with some other friends from Pelican, Saves the Day and Bodies of Water.

1) Name and age of kids:

Miles, nearly 4, Oliver, nearly 2.

2) How having children and being a father has changed the way you approach your career:

Touring is obviously much more difficult now.  Leaving my kids is not a thing I look forward to at all.  I definitely see the income/career side differently as well.  I am providing for my family, working and earning money to secure the lifestyle we want for our family/kids.

3) Best part about being both a musician and a dad:

I suppose that my kids are constantly immersed in music.  Music is so important for kids developmentally.

4) Most difficult part about being both a musician and a dad:

Touring.  Hands down.

5) What do your kid(s) think of your music?

They love it!  They dance to it and it’s the best thing ever.

6) What kind of music do your kids currently enjoy? Do you approve of their current tastes?

Obviously kid songs.  My older son, Miles, actually really has a taste for music.  He’s pretty well rounded as I’m always listening to different music.  He can quote Bob Dylan lyrics and knows every single word to Get Back by The Beatles.  He really loves heavy music too.  He calls it mad guy music or dinosaur music.  He can recognize Jazz when he hears it – can pick out a Billie Holiday song and watches Miles Davis videos on youtube.  They both will start bobbing their heads and saying “yo, yo” when they hear hip-hop.  Fun stuff.

7) Have you attempted to immerse your kids in music? How have they responded?

Yeah, it’s just natural because of me being a musician.  We’ve got a mini drum set, a ukulele (their “small guitar”), harmonicas, recorders, tambourines, you name it.  We have little family jams.  Miles and I wrote a song called “Big Hippo, Big Mouth” about our ride on the Jungle Cruise in Disneyland.

7a) If yes, what instruments do they play? And what do their early musical attempts sound like?

Oliver bangs around on whatever is around.  He’s still too young to be showing any specific interest in an instrument I think.  Miles actually can wail on a trumpet, hold a real basic beat on the drums (just kick and snare) and just recently, has really been interested in piano.  He’s a really stubborn kid though and won’t let you teach him much.  He’ll ask me to show him a song, observe and then figure it out on his own.  It’s all just single note, one finger stuff but it’s pretty insane.  He’s far more naturally gifted than I ever was.  He knows a handful of kid songs, Get Back and just learned his first Thrice song, Doublespeak (which for some reason is his favorite Thrice song).

7b) If not, what are they interested in doing instead?

They’re boys through and through.  Super heros, knights, legos, motorcycles – anything and everything boy.  We just got chickens and they are in love with them.  We’ve been watching skate videos together and they love it.  Miles loves watching free running videos on youtube which kind of scares me cause he’s a natural dare devil.

2 responses to “Father’s Day

  1. It might seem silly but I really enjoyed this post. Next year I’m turning 30 and the idea of having kids seems pretty natural nowadays. At least more natural than what it felt when I was 19-21 years old. I’ve been into Thrice since 2003 and it’s really cool to see you not only as musicians but also as father/friend/mate/mechanic (nice bike)/whatever. Happy father’s day, with a little delay.

  2. I really enjoyed this post too. I had like a simple-minded smile : Your two kids have a great chance to have a father like you.
    Thanks to this post, I discovered “Get Back” by The Beatles, it seems like this song is really lovely when it’s singing by a child. It’s the first time I heard of “Miles”, this name is unusual, but sounds kind.
    Praise for you and your family. Thank you for sharing touching testimonies !

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