Crabbing season just opened here in the Seattle area and I wasted not a single brain cell to muster up an enthusiastic “YES” when I got the invitation to go.  Best. Day. Ever.  This is a little taste of how it went:

Up at 5:45 am.  Grabbed my thermos full of coffee, a banana and some trail mix and out the door.

A less than 10 minute drive to the east end of the island to a little dock.  The sun rising across a dead calm Puget Sound.  Absolutely beautiful start.

Set up the pots with some herring and other misc leftover fish parts, throw them over, set out the lawn chairs, pour a cup of coffee and enjoy the crisp, early morning ocean air.

First pull of the day yielded no crab but this gigantic 16 legged sea star.

First crab of the day.  Off we go…

This salmon head proved to be a hit.  This pot consistently brought in the most crab.  Keep ’em coming…

Pulling a pot.  Nice results…

These little guys are a lot stronger than you think.  It’s quite a fight to be able to keep them from pulling their pinchers in at you.  All the crab we caught this day were Red Rock crab, and they tend to be pretty nasty little suckers.

Looking pretty full and this was probably about 2/3 through the day.

Counting our catch to make sure we are in regulation.  We had 9 permits between all of us and we all caught our 6 crab limit.  Yup, 54 crab.

Needless to say, we invited a bunch of friends over and had a giant crab cookout.  Simply boil them whole in a big pot with some salt…

Gut and clean…

And get happy.

As fresh as it can possibly get.  The meat was amazing — that delicate, slightly sweet flavor you expect from crab and oh, did I mention…fresh?  I kept reveling in the fact that I woke up, drove less than 10 mins and fished crab out of the ocean, drove straight back home, cooked and ate them all in succession in a matter of hours.  Not to mention the weather was absolutely perfect all day and we got to have a great picnic in the yard, sharing some fresh crab, beers, and laughs with some good peeps.

By far one of the best experiences I’ve had on Vashon.  I’m looking forward to an entire season of this.  I hear the pink salmon should be coming in droves later this year…

8 responses to “Crabbing

  1. incredible! this is basically my dream day.

  2. Sounds fun Teppei, i wish i did more or these activities.

  3. This sounds terrific, you really can’t beat fishing for your meals! Some pretty interesting shots there too! This has me super hyped for next weeks trip in scotland.

  4. Super jealous…

  5. Nice pic´s Tep. Enjoy the rest of your holiday

  6. Wow! This sounds like the coolest experience ever! I apologize for diverting from the original content of the post but I must say the single I heard on sound cloud from the upcoming album is incredible! Nice work Teps! Thrice continues to produce the heaviest music in the least generic way possible. You all have created a sound that is so uniquely your own and it can be heavy, intense, beautiful and refreshing all in the same song/album. I’m so pumped to hear the rest of the album. Cheers!

  7. this looks AMAZING!!!!!!

  8. Crabbing was one of my favourite activity when I was a child ! It was sooo exciting. But the best part of this experience is most of all cooking then eating crabs🙂
    It takes long, that’s true, but the result is just PERFECT🙂
    Hope your two kids will appreciate crabbing with you !

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