Born Free

While I missed all my favorite Socal fleas, I did happen to be in town for BORN FREE — an outdoor motorcycle show in Silverado Canyon.  Lots of choppers and bobbers (most of which I don’t care for) but definitely some nice vintage gems, tastefully done brat/bobbers, a handful of cafe’s and definitely the show highlight for me — all three Falcon bikes.  I know there’s a ton of hype around the company which has just barely built only three bikes, but they really are beautiful machines in person.  My favorite is definitely the KESTREL.

Such amazingly clean lines and incredibly tasteful choices every step of the way.  Hats off.

I actually ended up enjoying myself more than I thought and surprisingly, didn’t have to inch my way through too many drunk, smelly, middle-aged dudes spilling out of their Harley shirts, sporting leathery tattoos and some specimen or another of tough-guy facial hair.

Above is ex pro skater Max Schaaf’s build.

(First image borrowed from my buddy TRISTAN)

3 responses to “Born Free

  1. What setting do you have your camera on to get that “vintage” feel to your shots?

  2. …If only the iPhone came to Sprint. Thanks for the info!

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