Alpaca Shearing Day ’11

ADRIENNE’S farm held their alpaca shearing day and opened the farm up for anyone to come and hang out, enjoy some BBQ and watch some really odd looking creatures get turned into even stranger looking creatures. Post shave, they look like something straight out of a Dr. Suess book.

The harvested fleece can be bought on their ETSY PAGE in raw, carded, or spun (yarn) form. Top quality stuff from a family owned farm. Highly recommended.

Some of Adrienne’s creations – hand-felted alpaca hanging mirror, pillows, etc, available in her SHOP, along with some of the alpaca yarn.

Big thanks to the Greens for opening up their farm. Now I get to watch these freshly shorn, incredibly odd looking creatures galavanting beyond my yard.

One response to “Alpaca Shearing Day ’11

  1. Those have to be the furriest animal I’ve ever seen. So luxurious, they look pretty buff too. Sweet. Thanks.

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