Travel Days | East Rutherford, NJ

We took a 3 day jaunt over to East Rutherford, NJ — The land of no left turns.  I wonder if people’s tires wear unevenly from all the right turns and “jughandles”.  Anyhow, we played two shows at one festival and got to see some dear friends we don’t see very often.  I didn’t snap a lot of pics, but here’s a few.  (First picture courtesy of Ping)

7 responses to “Travel Days | East Rutherford, NJ

  1. Bryson McCutcheon

    Great Pics! Life seems to be going really well for you right now!

  2. So Teps, are you exclusively rocking selvedge denim these days?

    New song is straight grooving and has a great chord progression!

    • I suppose all my denim is selvedge but I wear/own other pants other than denim.

      • Sick, you got me on the selvedge denim tip so thanks for that! And a thank you a for all the inspiration over the last 10 years well!

  3. Those little glasses always make me smile. I wish I could have the same ! Life should be different behind this type of glasses, really. But they seems to be very expensive:/ I wonder if I can get it here, in France…
    Anyway, you look smart when it’s on your nose🙂

  4. Teppei,

    im pretty stoked that you guys are still touring. you probably get this a lot but i was just wondering what camera and lens you are currently using to take these pics? theyre pretty sweet and im in the market for a new camera.

    thanks man.

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