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Progress Report | CB350

This is the state of my bike at the moment.  I’m in the middle of tearing down/rebuilding my bike with a little help (Ok…a lot of help) from a couple friends who are much more adept at auto work than me.  We’ve got it stripped down to the frame and got it cleaned up quite a bit by hacking off unneeded tabs and filling unneeded holes.  The plan is to clean and rebuild the engine (where necessary) and build the bike back up as sort of a cafe/brat style bike, while taking inspiration from older british bikes.  There’s not a lot on this bike that will be left untouched or unmodified.  It should have a really clean and classic look when we’re done with it.  Can’t wait to get it up and running, but then again, I’m really enjoying the process.  This is how I’ll be spending most of my free time while I’m back in OC.  Fun stuff.  I’ve been snapping some pics on my phone as we’ve been working and so here’s the tear down process at various stages:

The bike when I brought it home.  It had crash bars and a sissy bar (not seen in picture) and some weird electronic ignition unit mounted off the triple clamp.  Not that appealing looking.  It wasn’t running.

The bike cleaned up a bit and running.  Pretty much bone stock at this point.

The bike before we started it tearing it down.  Only a couple small cosmetic modifications — Drag bars and bar end mirrors.

Pressure washed, seat, battery/battery pan, toolbox, and rear fender assembly removed.  Ready to start hacking the frame.

Frame hacked and cleaned up in various places, various holes welded and filled.  Exhausts removed.

Pressure washing the exhausts.  These will be sent out to be rechromed along with some other parts.

Gauges and mirrors removed.  Tank mocked up for knee dents.

Headlight, tank and some other stuff removed.

Engine removed.

The engine.

Everything else removed.  Down to only frame.

Paint stripped with Aircraft Remover (stuff is gnarly).  From here, the frame will be sanded to complete removal of paint, body filler will be applied to clean up various places.  That oughta get it fully prepped for paint.  To be continued…