Esquivel x New Grass Suede Cap Toe Boots

George let me squeeze in these boots before I left for Washington.  I used Esquivel’s Dublin boot as the springboard, but the inspiration behind them was the WWII era “service shoe” or “roughout” boots, or more specifically, the rare Type III service shoe (captoe roughout).  We didn’t have any tan suede in stock so I went with the grey suede instead with a tan/yellow calfskin lining.  I may end up dubbing these, especially now that I’m in wetter terrain.  I really wrestled with the sole options.  I was super temped to go with a white Vibram christy sole but decided against it since I have a couple pairs of Red Wings with Vibram christies.  I opted for a traditional leather bottom sole with a stacked leather heel and left it all natural.  I really like how the natural leather contrasts with the grey suede.  I also dug through the last library and picked out a last with a more traditional toe than the Dublin’s normally more bubbly toe.

I was able to take part in nearly every part of the construction of the shoe, getting some hands on experience with lasting, sole shaping, etc.  I’m really happy with the way these turned out.  Thanks again to George and his team for letting me take part in this!

6 responses to “Esquivel x New Grass Suede Cap Toe Boots

  1. commando soles would be pretty useful in your new terrain, could always stack them on top of the leather.

  2. Those are some sweet shoes, man. How much do handmade shoes like that usually cost?

  3. Random comment:
    listened to stan getz on pandora while playing pool. sweet stuff.
    thanks for the recommendation tep

  4. i really dig these, awesome job. i can see the inspiration coming through in the finished product. are these a 1 of 1, or are they available anywhere?

    • Thanks man! Yeah these are a special one-off that George Esquivel let me do. I’m sure they’d be more than happy to make them for you if you contacted them. I could help you get in touch if you really wanted.

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