This One’s For Pops

This photo made me think of my dad.  He was a fisherman, sailing the treacherous Bering Sea, between Alaska and Russia.  He’d be at sea for several months at a time, docking at Dutch Harbor and flying back to visit me if he had a long break.  He’d always come back with long hair and a beard, wearing a scraggly hoddy and he (and his entire duffle bag + contents) would always wreak of fish and cigarettes.  I can imagine why, especially considering the picture above.  I can still picture the smell and as gross as it sounds, it’s very nostalgic to me.

6 responses to “This One’s For Pops

  1. I really like reading testimonies, and especially reading your memories. Fishing in this part of the globe should be really dangerous and harsh… Your father was a kind of legend. It would be impressive to see him come back from so far!

  2. That’s a really cool memory. For some reason reading this made me think of “The Whaler.” I know Dustin wrote the lyrics for that, but does that song also connect with you/remind you of your childhood in a similar way to this photograph?

    • Mmm not really actually. I guess cause I was older when he started fishing so I wasn’t ever solemn about him leaving. Plus, the song is referring to whalers who were gone for much longer periods of time and were subject to much more potential for harm/death.

  3. That makes sense, that was just my gut reaction to your story. Away at sea has been somewhat of a recurring motif in you guys’s work–“Red Sky”; Water EP; “The Great Exchange”–so I was just curious. Oftentimes, when examining art, it can be easy to erroneously apply figurative meanings to things written literally, and vice versa.

  4. You should google Corey Arnold and check out his film photography of life on the Bering sea. Some insane images… Makes me want to be a fisherman.

  5. Lewis J. Brandolini, III

    This photo is great!! Showing how hard our Pop’s & Mom’s worked to allow us younger ones to have a LIFE in AMERICA. Wherever work was AVAILABLE, regardless of the type of WORK…it was work and provided food on the table for my FAMILY!! Today, a lot of younger people interview the Employer, must know their vacation days, amount of sick days, how many holidays, & are the hours within my choice?! NOT, WHEN can I start, and can I work overtime, I (the employee) will COVER your back (the employer) because I Respect my employer, I am LOYAL to my employer, and most important…”I will do the RIGHT thing regardless of who it will benefit”.
    Imagine our World filled with men, women, young adults, children brought up with the attitude of “doing the RIGHT thing regardless of who it will benefit”!
    The “MEN” in your photo, “One for Pop’s”, shows ONE big FUNDAMENTAL for life, a focused DETERIMINATION that I need to work to provide for my family. Please let me work, I’ll show you what I accomplish AFTER work and BEFORE I am paid. I trust my employer to “do the RIGHT thing”, that is pay me.

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