Transplanted | Vashon Island, WA

I packed my life into the back of a Uhaul and made a 24 hour marathon run up the west coast from my hometown of Orange, CA to my new home of Vashon, a small island right off the coast of Seattle.  My wife and I decided it was due time for a lifestyle change for us, our two kids, and two dogs.

This place is absolutely perfect.  We’ve got a lot to learn being city folk, but I’m more than happy to be along for the adventure.  So here’s to green trees instead of brown smog and acres instead of square feet.

p.s. If anyone reading is in the Seattle area and happens to have a motorcycle you want to let go for cheap, let me know.  I left mine in OC for the time being (will explain later) and am itching to ride, especially here on the island.

32 responses to “Transplanted | Vashon Island, WA

  1. your new home looks beautiful. lots of open space for your boys and dogs. i just visited the oc last week. i would have moved too if i lived there.

    i bet you can take some good star trails pictures at night. probably really dark there at night.

  2. Welcome to the NW! It looks like you’ve found a lovely place to live.

  3. Hey, welcome to Washington! When I was a kid, I loved taking the ferry over to Vashon with my dad from our home in Seattle. There are a ton of great places to see in the Puget Sound area, as you probably know. Have fun exploring!

  4. Teps, this could not be more perfect; everything there looks gorgeous. Happy for you and the family, can’t wait to make a visit!


  5. Welcome to WA, Teppei. I live in Seattle and have lived here for most of my life. There really is no more beautiful place than the PNW. From the looks of it, you’re enjoying it so far.
    (Ping is a buddy of mine, saw the repost on his Tumblr blog).

  6. Wow! That place is beautiful. Congrats on the new place.
    What does this mean for Thrice, if I may ask?

  7. we’ll miss your essence down here in socal.

    glad you’re getting out…=)/=(

  8. What a beautiful change of scenery, congrats!

  9. Wow, it looks so amazing there. Like a nice place to call home. Congrats!! I’m sure you and the family will love it there🙂

  10. trevor erickson

    Stunning landscape. Extremely happy for you and yours.

  11. Hey Tep,

    this place look really beautiful and I am glad you found this, but I hope you continue being a part of my all time favorite band.

  12. wow dude… don’t be surprised if i show up in a rowboat one day.

  13. hey bud, really happy for you! your new home is beautiful. the area seems so calming and i’m sure it will definitely provide a lot of inspiration for you. enjoy it.

  14. These photos made me book the trip to Seattle I’ve been too busy to take for the past 6 months.

  15. Congrats on the move, it looks like a beautiful place to live! May I ask what type of lens you are shooting with? You have some great shots

  16. Congrats Teppei! Your home looks so beautiful, a nice place to live, I have always belive that people should live on places like that one, it would make life more placeful. Hope you and your family enjoy the new home.

    P.D: Sorry if my english sucks, it is not my first language.

  17. Wow the home looks absolutely fantastic, congrats. Out of curiosity: Was there any particular experience you and yours had that made you desirous of a change? One of your vacations to Japan or elsewhere; something totally different?

  18. You all look so happy! Best of luck in your new home (and town).
    🙂 from Montreal,

  19. Tep!

    Looks like a great place. I am super jealous. I’m in Downtown Seattle for now, and need some music time. Wanna jam?

  20. forth picture looks like a fujisan panorama… 🙂 nice neighborhood.

  21. I picked up three of your photos, because I found those three really touching.
    The place looks damp, hope your kids will not play too much in the mud ! But the house is just perfect… Congratulations ! I want to say so much more but my ability to speak in a foreign language reaches its limits -__-”
    Anyway, I really like your blog, it’s one of my favourite. It makes me travel and imagine what the life can be when you are Teppei Teranishi!

  22. Welcome from Seattle (Ballard neighborhood). Hope you enjoy the wonderful island and the different pace that Vashon brings. Feel free to send me an email if you and your family are looking to get plugged into a new church. My wife and I would love to meet you guys if you are interested in coming to the mainland.

  23. Looks amazing man.

    Any plans on building a new home studio at the new place?

  24. Dude. Kory kruckenberg records on vashon. Who is he? Recorded David Bazan and J.Tillman (Fleet Foxes). I’m sure he’d be down to hang. Oh yeah, and he’s up for a Grammy this year. Weird.

  25. beautiful, beautiful photos. island life must be so idyllic and dreamy.
    all you need now? some beautiful chickens to match your beautiful home.

    • Next on the list my friend. We’ve got a big garden that we just dug up with a chicken coop. It’s gonna take some work to get it functional again, but as soon as I do, we’ll be eating fresh eggs!

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