Prototypes | Macbook & iPad Folio Sleeve

I wanted something super simple and minimal that I could slip into a bag or backpack but would still look nice carried around on it’s own.

I opted for a button stud closure which I’m a big fan of.  It really simplifies the look while at the same time, giving a secure, quick, and easy closure.

The strap wraps around the back for a simple tuck and go system for smaller things like a phone, journal, magazine, etc.  The laptop sleeve worked out well enough for me to make the iPad sleeve for my father in law.

13 responses to “Prototypes | Macbook & iPad Folio Sleeve

  1. wonderful.
    let me know when i can buy one.
    happy wintertime,

  2. what did you use for a liner?

  3. Wow Tep, this bag is really beautiful!

  4. What a great design! – I’ve been searching for a simple leather portfolio that has a back strap. Add a strap at the bottom for easy holding (i.e. 4 fingers go through) and I’m sold. How much? Available when?

    • Wow, thanks for the interest peeps. Life is kinda crazy right now and unfortunately, I don’t have any time to be leathercrafting at the moment, but I will definitely consider remaking these and putting them up for sale. Maybe in a month or two? If you are genuinely interested, hit me up via email.

  5. Yes.. I am also interested in buying one! Where/what is your email?

  6. Wow Teppei, those are exquisite! This post has genuinely sparked an interest in leathercraft, perhaps one day I’ll go forth and learn. Do you think a similar sleeve could be achieved for something of the thickness of an every day laptop?

  7. Tep, These are amazing are you thinking of Iphone case?

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