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That’s My Town! | Men’s File, Issue 03

I picked up the latest issue of the UK based publication, Men’s File, on my last visit to Amsterdam at Tenue de Nîmes.  The magazine is packed with all things man — good clothes, motorcycles, hot rods, surfing, history, photography, etc.  I was surprised to see the overwhelming amount of southern California and Orange County in the issue, namely a little article on a couple who run a vintage reproduction clothing line called Liberty Motor Wear from my town of Orange.

Here’s a little snippet from  the article about Orange:

“Located between Santa Ana, the county seat of Orange County and Disney’s capital at Anaheim is the small town of Orange.  There’s a town centre there, a town square with a 1950’s drugstore/diner (Watson’s), a bank and a town hall.  This is Norman Rockwell’s America but it’s not a museum.  I didn’t see a visitor centre or an information kiosk (perhaps they are there somewhere)…There is a very enjoyable hyperreality about Orange.  The Old Town District and surrounding neighborhood consists of many 1920’s and 30’s homes ( ed. note: mine’s a 1904!) in a nicely restored condition and on the main drag there is the best American antique and mid-century market I have ever visited.  If you have ever dreamed of stumbling on an Aladdin’s Cave of reasonably priced vintage Americana, the likes of which is unknown, even in most parts of the United States, then in Orange your dreams will come true.”

Pretty cool.  Everything mentioned here is my immediate neighborhood.  The “town square” or “main drag” mentioned here is what we call “the circle”, and is where we frequent for a bite to eat, some antique shopping, or just to take a walk to.  Orange County tends to live in the shadow of LA and under the taintedness of shows like The OC or Laguna Hills or whatever (I’ve never watched any of these…not sure of the titles).  Granted a lot of the stereotypes may be true, but there’s definitely pockets of goodness that exist.  It’s cool to see my little humble town getting some recognition, especially in an international publication.

And for good measure, some pictures I took at some of the antique stores in the circle just the other day:

Moscot Lemtosh

I told myself that if the time ever came that I needed the help of a finely tuned pair of glass slabs set in a nice stylish frame to sit upon my face and enhance my declining vision, then I would spare no expense and get myself a pair of Moscot’s Lemtosh in blonde.  The time has come.

Words Of Wisdom | Mark Hollis

“Before you play two notes learn how to play one note – and don’t play one note unless you’ve got a reason to play it.” – Mark Hollis