Alden for Context, Roy Boots

If turning 30 earns me a pair of these then I’ll lose my 20’s every year…gladly.  My goodness, these are beautiful.

Cut and sewn from Horween’s Chromexcel leather, made on a Trubalance lastGoodyear welted to a plantation crepe sole, and available exclusively through Context in small batches.  Chromexcel is a pullup leather (meaning the oils, waxes, and dyes in the leather temporarily separate when pulled up on, bent, or stressed, creating great color texture) and is meticulously processed, going through something like 89 different processes and an entire month to produce.  It’s incredibly supple and will no doubt break in quickly and comfortably.  I believe the inside of the boots are lined with calf skin (?), again, incredibly soft, supple, pliable, and very comfortable.  This is my first experience with a Trubalance last, but it is heralded as being one of the most natural fitting lasts out there…so far, so good.  The crepe sole is a great touch and is a nice change from the leather or neocork soles more commonly found on Aldens. These things will break in beautifully in form and function.  I hope one of my kids ends up having the same size feet as me cause these are, no doubt, heirloom quality.

7 responses to “Alden for Context, Roy Boots

  1. Lucky, how’d you get sizess

  2. they’ve out of sizes for that til may of next year. great lookin’ boots, i’ve been debating between those and the indy.

    • Ah gotcha. Quick on the draw I guess? It’s always worth contacting them as well, who knows, they may have a rogue pair in stock. I believe they’re taking preorders for the next batch right now.

  3. Dude, I’m still impressed about the quality of my LL. Bean signature blucher mocs, but your boots looks like they’re going to last till the end of times. If your boots are made from better quality leather as mines, your kids will be wearing these for sure.

  4. Was the fit true to size or did you have to order a half size smaller?

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