Destination | Oliver Spencer & Folk, London

Oliver Spencer
Oliver Spencer has been one of those brands which I see around on the internet here and there, like what I see, but haven’t taken a specific interest in.  That all changed the moment I walked in the door.  I was immediately impressed with the simple yet crisp and refined looks his collection has.  There’s obvious cues taken from vintage military, hunting, and work gear but with a definite English flavor.  Their stuff really has to be seen and felt in person to appreciate, pictures online or even look books don’t do justice as far as I’m concerned.  There’s something about the clean lines and even refined (physical) feel of the garments that has to be experienced in person to fully appreciate.  At the risk of sounding lame…they feel expensive.  Or should I say, they feel quality.  Lots of great garments in there but I really fell in love with their waxed pullover parkas.  My only gripe with the store is that they didn’t have much of their footwear line at all, which I have admired from afar and was hoping to see in person.  They literally had just one pair of chukkas and one pair of Quoddy bluchers.  Perhaps they were in between restocks.  I ended up chatting with a couple of the guys working there and prior to leaving, was greeted with a courteous handshake and a “My name’s Oliver by the way, very nice to meet you”.  Upon which I of course figured out that I had been speaking to Oliver Spencer himself.  I love that.  That’s some ground level stuff.

I’ve been a fan of Folk and their unique take on menswear that somehow treads that incredibly fine line of quirky, unique, yet tasteful without being tacky.  Every piece of clothing has some kind of twist, often times subtle enough for the layman to not realize — like an arched yoke, odd shaped placket, or hidden buttons — but interesting and unique enough for nerds like myself to get excited about.  Some of my favorites from the store were their wonderfully colored blue Rain Mac, and their three color button up which I’ve had my sights on ever since I discovered the brand.
Both shops are located within a few yards of each other on Lamb’s Conduit street in the Bloomsbury area of London and are worthy of a visit if you’re nearby.  Special thanks to Brian Ferry for suggesting the visit.
Oliver Spencer shots from here and here
Folk shots from here
More from London upcoming…

One response to “Destination | Oliver Spencer & Folk, London

  1. nice! glad you enjoyed the shops. in general, lamb’s conduit street is a great spot in london.

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