On a Sunday | Rose Bowl Flea/South Willard

My wife and I got to steal away for a few hours from parentdom and hopped up to Pasadena to visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  Lots of great typical flea market goods — vintage furniture, trinkets, and knick-knacks, and of course a ridiculously large and overwhelming vintage clothing and footwear section.  I spotted a few very cool vintage pieces, including an old USN deck jacket that looked like it could have been pulled from Nigel Cabourn’s collection.  I did a ton of self-editing though, and walked away with only a couple things — a metal tool box for my leathercrafting tools, and a vintage wool baseball cap in a perfectly colored mustard yellow, probably from the 50’s or 60’s.  My wife did slightly better than me (or worse, depending on how you look at it) and walked away with 3 or 4 pairs of shoes, a couple dresses, a bag, and a vintage wooden box, almost like a mini chest.  Quite a successful flea market trip.
We dipped into South Willard on the way home, as I’ve been obsessing over the charcoal grey/brick sole Quoddy bluchers since last summer, which they just restocked a few weeks ago.  I nearly went the entire summer convincing myself that I didn’t need a pair of these, but I’m glad I caved cause these are insanely perfect.  The charcoal grey and brick sole perfectly compliment each other, and the matte black eyelets, non-contrasted stitching/laces make for a perfectly understated and subtle pair of shoes.  Beautiful.  I also appreciate the craftsmanship and build of the shoe a lot more since I’ve been attempting to make my own shoes lately (post possibly upcoming).  Oh, and Ryan from South Willard also gave me one of Altadena’s little key rings that they just had forged and made in Japan.
All in all, a great Sunday morning.

3 responses to “On a Sunday | Rose Bowl Flea/South Willard

  1. sorry to rant, but i must say i came upon your blog randomly and have become a constant reader. it’s just five minutes ago that i took the time to find out that you’re teppei! i was absolutely thrilled, as thrice has always been one of my favorite bands.

    anyways, i love the blog, and those quoddy’s are beautiful. i’ve been eyeing the seafoam bluchers for awhile (from south willard) – i’m hoping to one day purchase them.

    keep it up; it keeps me busy over lunch.

  2. I really really hope they ship to Scotland!!

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