Destination | USS Constitution/Louis Lunch

When we were in Boston several weeks ago, we had the opportunity to get a personal “behind the scenes” tour of the USS Constitution.  We were allowed to see parts of the ship that aren’t normally open to civilians, which needless to say, was a really cool experience.  Great to see a piece of history like that.  The USS Constitution, for those who don’t know, is the oldest fully commissioned naval ship in the world — launched in 1797, and being named by George Washington himself, it was one of the 6 ships authorized to be built by the Naval Act of 1794.  The ship has a perfect battle record, never being boarded or defeated and earning itself the nickname “Old Ironsides”.  Badass.

Second set of pictures are from Louis’ Lunch as well as some random Yale architecture in New Haven, CT.  Proclaimed to be the birthplace of the hamburger, Louis’ still serve their original burger on toasted white bread and no condiments whatsoever (and don’t ask, there’s even signs).  Coolest thing about the place was the fact that they still cook their burgers on the original cast iron, vertical loading grills that supposedly birthed the hamburger.  Neat.

4 responses to “Destination | USS Constitution/Louis Lunch

  1. awesome photos. and louis’ lunch is an old favorite, it’s been a while since i’ve enjoyed a hamburger there.

  2. I LOVE that knot picture. do you know what kind it is? It looks like it could be a cleat hitch but I’ve never seen one so ornate. I want it to be my next tattoo but I want to make sure I know what it is first. Thanks in advance!

  3. Teps, what are those brown leather bluchers. Ll bean perhaps?

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