Destination | Art In The Age, Philadelphia

A little late in posting this, but I’ve been keeping pretty busy on the road.  Anyhow, we were in Philadelphia a week or so ago and I stopped by Art In the Age‘s flagship store in the Old City neighborhood (116 North 3rd St) by recommendation of Bob from Corkgrips.

The store has an impressive and well chosen, almost general store-like array of handmade or small-scale production goods…aka stuff that keeps it real.  Billykirk and other leather goods, Yuketen (saw the Maine Guide Boots for the first time in real life…YIKES), soaps, screen printed T’s, aprons, felt planters, misc clothing, etc.  We were even allowed to try a sample shot of their ROOT liquor, which I read about some time ago and have been wanting to try.  It was really tasty…suprisingly smooth and quite like a really yummy and earthy root beer, only alcoholic…which makes perfect sense.  The store isn’t allowed to actually sell you the liquor since they don’t have a license, but we were sent a couple blocks down to a liquor store that carried them.  Check out the video below for the short run down of the ROOT story.

If you’re in Philly, go pay them a visit.  They’ve got a really neat thing going that is well worth supporting.

2 responses to “Destination | Art In The Age, Philadelphia

  1. i’m going to philly later this month. i’ll check the store out. thanks!

    i took some pictures of at your nyc show. you can see them here:

  2. Hey Teppei,

    I saw that you and Ed made your own leather shoes! I think that is so sick and I am inspired to do some myself. I was wondering if you could lead me in the right direction to learning how make the shoes because I don’t even know where to start i.e. internet sites, books, etc.

    Thanks for the continued inspiration


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