Destination | Winn Perry, Portland, OR

2 for 2.  Day 2 took us to Portland and I rode my newly acquired tour enhancer, aka my Motobecane 50v moped, over to Winn Perry.  I got to see the navy suede Quoddy Bluchers that I nearly pulled the trigger on in person, along with some other fine goods. Stand outs for me were the navy suede Quoddys I just mentioned, tan suede Alden Longwings (yikes!), and a pair of olive Wings + Horns chinos.  I think a guy there was getting fitted for a custom tailored suit…pretty sweet.  The fellow at the counter was friendly and amiable and the shop was small but well-stocked.  Once again, well worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Portland.

Also worth mentioning is an absolutely insane taco joint called Porque No.  The line was out the door but the food was well worth it.  Being from SoCal, I know my tacos, and these were easily in my top 3 of all time.  SO good.

Images courtesy of Sangsouvanh

3 responses to “Destination | Winn Perry, Portland, OR

  1. Winn Perry is by far one of the best places to shop for great garb in PDX. I live in Portland and I’m a regular to the store. You did it right by visiting Por que no? too, their tacos are worth the wait. How long are you in town for? If you’re hanging around, we should grab a beer.

  2. Thanks for playing PDX. Great show.

    Very familiar with Por Que. Not so familiar with WP. I’ll have to check them out.

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