Summer Soundtrack | Chet Baker

The heat starts to roll around and I find myself beginning to be more and more in the mood for the ultra-cool, soothing, and laid back songs/tones of Chet Baker’s music.

In and out of jail, addicted to heroin, and getting kicked out of countries, I’ve always found his ultra-suave music an interesting juxtaposition to his rocky personal life.  More on Baker here.

8 responses to “Summer Soundtrack | Chet Baker

  1. big Chet Baker fan, I grew up playing trumpet in jazz band and he was always my favorite.

  2. I’m sure you’ve already heard of Bill Evans, but I figured I’d send you a link to this video after seeing your posts about Chet Baker.

    “Chet Baker Sings” is definitely one of my favorites. Dave Brubeck’s “Indian Summer” and “Timeout” are also great for summer. I hope this stuff is right up your alley if you aren’t already listening to it. I really enjoy your blog! Great stuff.

  3. One of my all-time favourites. Forget how many times I’ve thrown on It Could Happen To You when I don’t want to think about what to listen to, I swear I’ll never get sick of that album. And such a looker, too, before the drug habit got the best of him (and those teeth too…)

    Love both of your sites, Teppei.

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