Destination | Two Harbors, Catalina Island

Stole away for 3 days/2 nights and camped out on the remote side of Catalina.  The sun decided to be shy for most of the trip, but no sweat (literally), it was still gorgeous and refreshing.  We got a camp site right on the beach on the Little Harbor campsite.  It was everything I hoped it’d be — Dolphins and sea lions chasing our ferry, wild buffalo roaming around, catching (and releasing of course) crabs and hermit crabs with the kids, finding a dead rattlesnake and cutting off it’s rattler, and so on.  No sounds of cars, no tv, no computers, no phones, no technology at all, and hardly any other people around.  Just the sound of our kids playing, the ocean breathing, animals chirping/singing, the wind blowing, and our campfire cracking.  Sometimes I truly wonder if life isn’t supposed to be just like that.

13 responses to “Destination | Two Harbors, Catalina Island

  1. You have a lovely family sir and it’s always nice to see some Desert Treks get some love.

  2. this looks amazing. i love your descriptions and photos. thank you so much for sharing — a lovely escape for a friday morning!

  3. Wow, man. This looks incredible. I feel like a getaway is seriously needed; this looks so relaxing

  4. how’d the young ones do with multiple days out in the open like that?

    im getting ready to take the weekend camping at bahai honda national park in the florida keys, going to experience them one last time before the oil hits.

  5. This is great stuff. My wife, little one, and I are in need of a getaway just like this.

    I feel fortunate to have places like this so close to us. And I also feel horrible for those near the Gulf who are about to loose their beautiful coastline.

  6. Looks like a lovely trip. Too bad the sun played a bit of hide and seek.

    What did you shoot with? Very moody.

  7. I was just going to ask the same thing. What did you use for the pictures? I almost want to say it’s an iPhone with a filter app. I’m always surprised of the quality I can get out of the iPhone’s camera, especially with third party retouching software.

    Anyhow, that looks amazingly fun. I should go back to Catalina. I have no excuse since I live close.

    • I took these with my little digital point-and-shoot…Canon Powershot something or other. Most of the pictures on here are from my iPhone though since that’s what I happen to have on me most of the time. I really love the camera on that phone. I do have an older digital Rebel which I use sometimes as well.

  8. wonderful, moody photos. i really dig the tones.

    • Wow, thanks man, I’m flattered. I found your blog several months ago and always love your shots. I wish I knew more about photography though. It’s pretty up there on my list of things to get better at.

  9. These photos really brought me back. I used to go to Catalina as a tiny kid with my parents. And then when I was a bit older for girl scout camp. I remember trying to return to our circle of tents one day only to find a herd of buffalo right in the middle of them!

    Lovely blog, btw…this is my first time here.

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