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Summer Soundtrack | Chet Baker

The heat starts to roll around and I find myself beginning to be more and more in the mood for the ultra-cool, soothing, and laid back songs/tones of Chet Baker’s music.

In and out of jail, addicted to heroin, and getting kicked out of countries, I’ve always found his ultra-suave music an interesting juxtaposition to his rocky personal life.  More on Baker here.

Handmade | New Grass x Temple Bags Rucksack

I was hanging in the Apolis HQ when somehow my interest in sewing and my corresponding lack of knowledge and skills came up.  Shea at Apolis mentioned his buddy Steve who does Temple bags (which I was already was a fan of) and said that we should hook up sometime.  I responded with a casual “sure, that’d be rad”, but without any real expectation that anything would come of it.  A month or so later, Shea emailed me saying that Steve from Temple wanted to trade me piano lessons for sewing lessons.  No brainer.

I drove up to LA to meet up with Steve in his apartment in Silverlake.  He cooked a pizza, I stumbled through teaching him some basic piano and fundamental music theory, and he helped me bust out this awesome rucksack in one night.  Pretty sweet.  It was interesting to see how strikingly similar our creative drives, thoughts, ways of working, and even life application were with two seemingly very different mediums of creativity, art, or whatever you want to call it.

Steve’s got a sewing room with racks filled, floor to ceiling, with military surplus fabrics.  He yanked down this amazing vintage WWII era waxed canvas and we decided that since I’ve tried my hand at totes before, we should up the ante a bit and try a backpack.  I’m not gonna lie, he practically made this thing for me, but it was definitely a learning experience to watch him work and have him talk me through a lot of the stuff he was doing/thinking.  His method of working is totally freehand and almost 100% winged.  Very different from my previously painfully calculated sewing expeditions.  His methodology though, works much better for me, and is how I tackle things I am most confident at (i.e. music).  Thanks to our night of knowledge swapping, I think I’ve got enough confidence now to start being less calculated with this stuff as well.  Actually though, the hardest thing for me was getting a feel for his industrial Juki machine.  A completely different animal than my crummy sewing machine.  Seriously, not even comparable.  I felt like I was taming a wild beast trying to sew on that thing.  It was ripping through leather and four plus layers of insanely thick military grade canvas.  Unreal.

I hope we’ll get in a couple more sessions before I leave on tour, and that this is something we can keep doing whenever I’m home.  Fun stuff.  We’re already talking about making some shoes.

Destination | Two Harbors, Catalina Island

Stole away for 3 days/2 nights and camped out on the remote side of Catalina.  The sun decided to be shy for most of the trip, but no sweat (literally), it was still gorgeous and refreshing.  We got a camp site right on the beach on the Little Harbor campsite.  It was everything I hoped it’d be — Dolphins and sea lions chasing our ferry, wild buffalo roaming around, catching (and releasing of course) crabs and hermit crabs with the kids, finding a dead rattlesnake and cutting off it’s rattler, and so on.  No sounds of cars, no tv, no computers, no phones, no technology at all, and hardly any other people around.  Just the sound of our kids playing, the ocean breathing, animals chirping/singing, the wind blowing, and our campfire cracking.  Sometimes I truly wonder if life isn’t supposed to be just like that.

Well Loved | Vans Authentics

A friend gave me these maybe 3 or 4 years ago.  I saw a new pair today and was surprised to see how different the original color was.  I rather prefer my sun-bleached and faded color to the original.  Will probably keep these till they’re falling off my feet.

Spring Day Hike — Daddy Edition

Spring is alive and well here in southern California and I’m loving it.  Hands down my favorite season.  I decided to take my 8 month old on a casual hike the other day, and the above image is pretty close to how we rolled, albeit a bit idealized.

– DQM oxford camp hat

– Gant Rugger handloomed madras button down

– Woolrich Woolen Mills mountain pants

– Yuketen Fisherman Oxford

– Fjallraven Kanken (The small straps pair nicely with the bulky baby carrier straps)

– Higonokami (Japanese pocket knife)

– Vintage Timex

– Moscot Lemtosh

– Stanley thermos

– Ergo baby carrier

– Cloth diapers

– Trail mix

– Apple + Banana

– Organic Puffs baby snacks

– Klean Kanteen sippy

Some snaps I took of SoCal’s pseudo-desert terrain: