Handmade | Hunting Vest Made From Repurposed Materials

Hunting vest made from 100% recycled and salvaged materials (minus the thread).

I found some old military laundry bags at a local army navy surplus store and decided I could repurpose and use the fabric to make something.  The obvious choice would be a bag of some sort, but I’ve been scoping various hunting/outdoor vests (e.g. Filson’s Mackinaw wool vest, Barbour vests, etc) and thought the bag would provide me enough fabric and be a good springboard for something like that.  The leather was some more of the scrap piece i picked up at the flea market a few months back.

I love things made of recycled/repurposed materials because of the unique character in the fabric.  There are stains, faded spots (bleach stains?), holes, writing, and of course the worn-in and aged character from years of actual use.  I kept the side seams, as I didn’t want to lose the character they presented, plus they had the metal eyelets with the cinch straps which I wanted to keep (they actually still function to cinch the bottom up). Two slanted lower slit pockets lined with ticking fabric with reinforced corners via leather patches.  One chest pocket with leather tab, vertical slit chest pocket on other side and one inner pocket.  Various stitch detailing throughout (although my sewing machine doesn’t do a substantial enough stitch for it to stand out too much).

Like all my other homemade projects, don’t look too closely lest you find really goofy imperfections everywhere. Quite pleased with this one though, and despite the questionable execution, am pretty happy with how the design panned out.

8 responses to “Handmade | Hunting Vest Made From Repurposed Materials

  1. I really like this a lot, the texture of the fabric looks amazing. Did you go into this any kind of pattern, or did you just wing it again?

  2. After seeing all these things you’ve made, I found my girlfriend’s sewing machine yesterday and I’m trying to figure out how it works.

  3. You know at a first glance I never would have pictured that it was made from the same type of bag that I routinly stuff my dirty uniforms into. I think it is a cool new way to look at the thing. It certainly is going to give me something new to think the next time I haul that thing down to the laundry room.

  4. Hey Teppei this turned out amazing. I love the recycled aspect and enjoy the leather details. Did you match the buttons specifically to the eyelet color? It looks spot on.

    My brother just finished a pair of jeans for me. 16oz raw (selvage came in the mail the day after he finished these. go figure)

    I posted a few photos on my tumblr and there’s a link to higher-res photos there too: http://drudgeons.com/post/557356687/blackmarketdenim01

    Anyway I think they turned out pretty decent. I think in the future he’s using gold thread, and won’t be reinforcing every single belt loop (probably just the back right and left) He’s working his way up to a pattern formula so he can start doing mail-orders along with all the friends/family that want them.

    Also we’re praying and sending good thoughts towards Dustin’s dad. My wife’s mom passed from cancer a couple years ago so it hits home.

  5. this is great-love the pocket!

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