From The Vinyl Vault: Miles Davis, Kind of Blue

Miles Davis‘ 1959 album Kind Of Blue is the ultimate chill-out record. Every once in a while, I’ll have a sudden urge to listen to this, and when you’re in the right mood for it, you’ll swear it’s the best record ever made. All-star lineup of Bill Evans and Wynton Kelly on piano, Jimmy Cobb on drums, Paul Chambers on bass and John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderly on sax. I framed my original copy on vinyl, and it’s one of my more treasured music-related possessions.

“He wanted to capture the sound of discovery in the music” – Herbie Hancock

“The first complete performance of each thing is what you’re hearing” – Bill Evans

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8 responses to “From The Vinyl Vault: Miles Davis, Kind of Blue

  1. totally agree..

    if you’re around italy in July..


    You need to check these guys out if you haven’t already right up your ally hand made raw denim and products

  3. My bud just went there the other day they had an event with a folk band and a taco truck … sounded like heaven on earth

    • I think the comments are messed up. I’m assuming you meant the flea market, cause folk bands and taco trucks have nothing to do with Miles Davis.

  4. How did you add a YouTube clip through wordpress? HTML? Or did you purchase the video upgrade?

    Help? Smile.

  5. Rad. I’m a rookie. Thanks Tep.

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