Vintage Canvas Bean Boots

Vintage Maine Hunting Shoe in Green Canvas

I didn’t think I’d ever hop on the bean boot wagon, but I came across these and couldn’t resist.  I’m not necessarily a bean boot fanatic like some, so I don’t know exactly how rare these are, but I’ve never seen the likes of this.  Vintage? Green canvas? Good condition?  Yes please. The weather/lifestyle in southern California doesn’t necessarily call for these but they’ve actually been quite handy with the crazy showers we’ve been having lately.

I did a Google search and the only canvas bean boots I could find were the new waxed canvas version via Alex Carleton and LL Bean Signature, and a scan of a Japanese mag with the same exact boots from The Shoe Buff:

6 responses to “Vintage Canvas Bean Boots

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  2. these are amazing teppei! flea market?

  3. these are so sweet, much better than the newer ones they have now! Any chance you’ve found another pair of these for sale somewhere??

    • I’ve never actually seen the new Signature ones in person, but honestly, I doubt they’re as sweet as these. Not sure if it’s just that they’re broken in or not, but yeah, these are REALLY sweet. I’ve never seen them anywhere else. Good luck hunting them down!

      • Thanks..yea I’ll be looking for them! I think it’s the attention to detail in these (like having more leather along the trim) that makes them better in my mind than the new Signature series, all though it’s still great that they are trying to bring these back so I might have to give in to the newer ones…we’ll see.

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