Quoddy For Context Chukkas

Quoddy for Context Deck Chukka in Bison

Quoddy is another company with a rich history, handmaking shoes for over a hundred years (est 1909).  Due to my shoe-nerdery, I’ve had my eye on Quoddy for several years now, even before their semi-recent boom that they’ve enjoyed along with the whole heritage Americana movement (back when their website was even more poorly designed thanArrow’s).  They offered this chukka boot back then (they probably have for longer than my grandparents have been alive) but I could only find it with a single or double bottom leather sole.  I emailed them to see if they could throw a camp sole on it but I never heard back.  Before I knew it, they had blown up and started doing collaborations left and right.  I saw these ‘lil dudes and loved the camp (not deck) sole and unique bison leather.  The bison is very textured and is wearing quite well.  These guys are lifers.  I imagine I’ll be sending these back to get resoled over and over as long as Quoddy is around.  That’s what I love about these kinds of shoes — I could easily be handing these down to my sons in 20 years.

One response to “Quoddy For Context Chukkas

  1. where’d you get these? i need these in my life…..

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