Good Eats | Fried Eggs + Extras

Following up my previous post about Sriracha…Try this on your fried eggs:  A dash of soy sauce (be very conservative, a few drops even) and a bit of Sriracha to taste.  I go over easy on my eggs so the soy sauce and Sriracha mix up with the yolk.  Fair warning: It’s tempting to pile on more and more Sriracha every time.  It may sound a bit weird but just try it.  Yes, I am asian.

Also, a little note on fried eggs — Learn to flip ‘em in the pan sans spatula and with a flick of your wrist.  You may bust a few yolks in the process, but it’ll make your life so much easier.  Plus, it’s a basic and essential cooking technique that a lot of people seem to overlook.  Get into it.

2 responses to “Good Eats | Fried Eggs + Extras

  1. I eat egg whites every morning with Crystals Hot Sauce, im sure soy sauce would be a great addition, ill have to try this in the AM. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Check on the Sriracha and check on the wrist flip technique. (My girlfriend thinks I am silly for the latter.) Never done the soy sauce bit though.

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