Destination | Tokyo

Outside The Rugged Museum

Danner Japan Mountain Light II’s were everywhere…ugh.

Sweet Red Wing Wabashas in tan suede.

I’ll be heading home tomorrow but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being here.  It’d been too long.  I split my time between Tokyo, Yoron Island (Okinawa), Iwakuni (Hiroshima), and Yokohama.  Far too much traveling for my 2 1/2 year old son, but they were all necessary stops.  He’s been an incredible sport, but lugging around a little kid all on your own who’s away from his mom for the first time, in a foreign country for the first time, and doing a crap load of traveling is not easy work.  Anyhow, here’s how I spent my time in Tokyo:

Spent some time with family in Kokubunji, and took a day to wander around Tokyo window shopping all the sweet product I can’t/shouldn’t be buying.  We stopped by Free & Easy’s Rugged Museum and it was everything I’d imagined it to be.  They had some really incredible vintage pieces which were the highlight in my opinion.  It was truly an exercise in self-control that I only walked out of there with a couple issues of the magazine.

After that, we strolled in and around the Harajuku area where the Danner Japan Mountain Light II’s (tan suede/red laces/white vibram sole!) were screaming my name practically everywhere I went.  My reckless side tried to find every excuse in the book to convince my frugal side that I could justify the expense.  Luckily, my frugal side won.  I meant to take more pictures but it sorta slipped my mind in the midst of it all.  I definitely could have used another day or two in Tokyo.

2 responses to “Destination | Tokyo

  1. I love my Danner Mountain Lights, and I need to make it to Japan!

    Next time you are there I recommend buying them post haste.

    • Not sure if my wallet would agree with that. I actually just picked a vintage pair up off of ebay for fairly cheap.

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