From The Vinyl Vault | Neil Young, Decade

I’ve got all my vinyls stored in a built-in bench seat, aka the vinyl vault.  I figured I’d pull one out every-so-often and talk about it.  First up is one that’s not actually in the vault since it’s up on my wall, but since I just posted that Neil Young video:

This record (this actual, physical record) might be one of the most nostalgic records for me.  My father was/is a Neil Young fanatic and this was constantly spinning.  I can picture it’s sleeve always laying around.  It’s pretty evident, per the layers of masking tape holding it together.  As somewhat of a dedication to my childhood, my parents, and Neil Young, it’s been hung up over our mantle.  It’s probably because of this record, which as the title implies, spans 10 years of his work (from ‘66 to ‘76), that he is till this day, one of my favorite artists.  Check the video below for an amazing performance of Old Man.

One response to “From The Vinyl Vault | Neil Young, Decade

  1. Nothin’ is better than vinyl… I started my vinyl collection a few months ago. It is a good feeling.

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