Handmade | Flannel Workshirt

Been wanting to do this for a while now.  I finally manned up and did it.  My sewing skills are slim to none and so I’m actually pretty pleased with how it turned out.  There’s goofy things all over the place, but hey, it’s the charm.


The collar spread turned out a bit wide but I actually like it.  I originally intended the collar to be button down, but didn’t end up doing it.  Single oversized pocket and I snuck in a pen slot, no flap.  Contemplated throwing a pocket that comes to a triangular point a la theEngineered Garments shirts (still might).  I sort of wish I contrasted the pocket pattern (diagonal) because it camouflages so well.  Tried a squared off detail at the sleeve opening (don’t know what it’s called), where most shirts have one that comes to a point, or don’t have one at all.  I carried the angled details into the pocket and mitered cuffs.  Got the length and fit pretty much right where I wanted it.  Definitely gonna do this again, hopefully with some repurposed fabric.  It’s going to be a while though before I can do anything with contrast stitching cause I’m all over the place with that sewing machine.

2 responses to “Handmade | Flannel Workshirt

  1. Great job. Wondering where you got the pattern to actually build a shirt, and where did the fabric itself come from?

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