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Interior Sense | David Coggins

Not really familiar with this guy, but I dig his space.

Handmade | Hunting Vest Made From Repurposed Materials

Hunting vest made from 100% recycled and salvaged materials (minus the thread).

I found some old military laundry bags at a local army navy surplus store and decided I could repurpose and use the fabric to make something.  The obvious choice would be a bag of some sort, but I’ve been scoping various hunting/outdoor vests (e.g. Filson’s Mackinaw wool vest, Barbour vests, etc) and thought the bag would provide me enough fabric and be a good springboard for something like that.  The leather was some more of the scrap piece i picked up at the flea market a few months back.

I love things made of recycled/repurposed materials because of the unique character in the fabric.  There are stains, faded spots (bleach stains?), holes, writing, and of course the worn-in and aged character from years of actual use.  I kept the side seams, as I didn’t want to lose the character they presented, plus they had the metal eyelets with the cinch straps which I wanted to keep (they actually still function to cinch the bottom up). Two slanted lower slit pockets lined with ticking fabric with reinforced corners via leather patches.  One chest pocket with leather tab, vertical slit chest pocket on other side and one inner pocket.  Various stitch detailing throughout (although my sewing machine doesn’t do a substantial enough stitch for it to stand out too much).

Like all my other homemade projects, don’t look too closely lest you find really goofy imperfections everywhere. Quite pleased with this one though, and despite the questionable execution, am pretty happy with how the design panned out.

Tokyo Bay Watches

My boy Sangsouvanh and I stumbled across these watches in a store front in New Orleans.  I’d certainly never heard of these, but they’re super affordable and look pretty sweet.  I’d definitely consider picking one of these up if my trusty $1 Field Ranger watch (flea market find) ever craps out.  Shop.

Destination | Café Du Monde/Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, New Olreans

Sitting down and enjoying a post-show café au lait and beignet from the legendary Café Du Monde (est. 1862) is probably one of my favorite things about visiting New Orleans, and has become somewhat of a tradition for us.  Beignets (roughly pronounced ben-neeay) are a French pastry made from deep fried dough…basically a French doughnut.  They come absolutely doused in powdered sugar and make a heavenly combo when paired with Café Du Monde’s café au lait with chicory.  Dipping the beignets in the coffee has double benefits — sweetening your coffee with the sugar on the beignet, and soaking your beignet in coffee goodness.  I didn’t realize this till our last visit, but the coffee is half chicory, which accounts for it’s unique and recognizable taste.  Anyhow, all that to say, YUM.


At the tail end of Bourbon St. (yuck) lies a rickety looking shack built between 1722 and 1732.  Once owned by pirate Jean Lafitte and supposedly the oldest continually running bar in America.  ‘Nuff said.

For good measure, some random shots I took with my phone on this visit:

Destination | Sid Mashburn

I did end up making it over there, and yes, it was awesome. Super friendly staff (who instead of telling us to leave our drinks outside, asked us if we wanted a coke…multiple times) great selection, in-house tailoring, the whole nine. I didn’t plan on purchasing anything, but low and behold, I walked away with a simple Amish-made leather belt and a really sweet Caran d’Ache mechanical pencil.

The belt is nice and sturdy, should last for years and years, and will only continue to look better with age. I don’t really know much about it other than it’s Amish-made in Pennsylvania, but that’s the great thing about shopping at a place like Sid Mashburn — you can have 100% confidence that what you’re getting is top quality and has already been handpicked and sorted through by some very keen eyes before it’s even presented to you.  I picked the lighter color as I’m hoping the color will really sweeten up with age.  We’ll see.

I’m really excited about the pencil as well. I don’t like normal mechanical pencils, but this has a thick 2 mm lead (as thick as the lead in a regular pencil) that feeds out, and is sharpened by taking the cap off the end (where an eraser would normally be) and using the inside of the cap to sharpen.  They had some ball point pens in the same casing, and despite there being an incredible pencil-yellow color, I opted out of the pen, as I’m awkwardly picky about how my pens write (this one felt a little too slippery).  The salesman and I both agreed that the pencil-yellow color was the best, and I sort of wish they had my mechanical pencil in that color.  Nonetheless, stoked to have a nice pencil that once again, I can get years of use out of, unlike a cheap Bic or something of the nature.

Despite there being an incredible selection of nice suits, dress shirts, etc., the thing that stuck out to me most was a striped chambray popover by Levi’s Vintage (LVC).  I’m always drawn more to the work wear-ey things as I don’t ever have a need to be dressy.  More blue collar wear than white collar, I suppose.

Anyhow, I enjoyed browsing and chatting with the salesmen and definitely recommend a visit if you’re ever in the area.

Above is the Levis Vintage popover I really liked.  Based on a single pocket carpenter shirt from the ’20s with all the original specs.  Available online at Oi Polloi.

Hitting The Road/Destinations?

I’m leaving for tour tomorrow morning.  The dates/cities are listed below.  If you’ve got any good suggestions for some must-visit destinations, drop a line in the comments.  Anything really…museums, shops, good eats, sight-seeing, etc.  It’s somewhat of a B market tour, so there’s a lot of more obscure cities, but I’m sure there’s lots of great things/places to visit.  I’ve been around the country and back countless times but I know there’s still so much to be seen.

The tour kicks off with two days in Atlanta, so I’m definitely going to try and make it to Sid Mashburn.  I think it’s going to be a bit dressy for my taste, but I’ve heard an earful from more than one person about how amazing the shop is.

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Nerdery | Buttons

Always fun to poke around jars filled with buttons at flea markets.

All pictures except last two from the amazing site, Riveted — probably one of my favorite blogs out there.  Click over to check out some incredibly informed and in-depth posts on vintage clothing.  Last two pictures courtesy of Secret Forts.