Spring Day Hike — Daddy Edition

Spring is alive and well here in southern California and I’m loving it.  Hands down my favorite season.  I decided to take my 8 month old on a casual hike the other day, and the above image is pretty close to how we rolled, albeit a bit idealized.

- DQM oxford camp hat

- Gant Rugger handloomed madras button down

- Woolrich Woolen Mills mountain pants

- Yuketen Fisherman Oxford

- Fjallraven Kanken (The small straps pair nicely with the bulky baby carrier straps)

- Higonokami (Japanese pocket knife)

- Vintage Timex

- Moscot Lemtosh

- Stanley thermos

- Ergo baby carrier

- Cloth diapers

- Trail mix

- Apple + Banana

- Organic Puffs baby snacks

- Klean Kanteen sippy

Some snaps I took of SoCal’s pseudo-desert terrain:

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11 responses to “Spring Day Hike — Daddy Edition

  1. I like those photos man. What did you use for them?

  2. Hey, my wife was happily surprised to see you have a Ergo, (she loves ergo so much that even my 2year daughter has her own ergo), she wanted to give you a thumbs up. What cloth daiper do you perfer? I like the all-in-one bum genuis, since i suck with the fold over and snappy ones.

    • My wife had a beta phase with them and so we have a couple each of a bunch of different ones. I do agree with the all-in-ones though, and we do have a couple bum genius’ that are easy.

      By the way, our friend has a carrier that’s like the Ergo but a bit more comfy…The Boba carrier maybe?

  3. Cloth diapers is what it’s all about. My 13 month old son love’s them.

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  5. there is nothing more beautiful than southern california in May, before it all shrivels up and turns brown. just love these pictures (and your blog, which I found by way of wit and delight.

    miss whistle

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